Commercial Property Manager

The Property Manager has overall responsibility for his/her assigned properties. The Property Manager’s primary objective is to provide the property owner with the best possible return on the owner’s investment in the property while minimizing risk. The Property Manager is the primary point of contact for the tenants. To successfully perform the tasks expected, the candidate should be able to multi-task, analyze complex problems and work closely with all tenants in an efficient and professional manner. The candidate should also be customer oriented and able to negotiate conflict resolution. Strong verbal and written skills, and self-motivation are a must.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Proper management of tenant receivables, and the timely calculation, billing, and receipt of operating expense escalations and CAM recoveries. This function includes timely distribution of 3-day notices and the follow-up upon expiration.
  • Responsible for ensuring proper inspections, preventative maintenance, code compliance, energy and vendor management, and management and preparation of vacant spaces. This will include all annual elevator, sprinkler, and fire alarm certifications. Site inspections should occur at least two times a month; one at the time of issuance of the 3-days and one inspection in the third week of the month. Maintenance inspection reports and pictures must be turned in every fourth Monday of every month. If construction and/or a larger project are under way at any property, this may require more than two visits per month. Vendors must be met at the property at least two times a year.
  • Minimizes risk by monitoring and managing property, tenant, and vendor insurance requirements; claims processing; building security; life safety policies, procedures, and training; and employee safety.
  • Provides service to tenants: Manages tenant move-ins and move-outs, monitors and manages tenant service requests.
  • Emergencies must be handled immediately whether or not the issue occurs on the weekends, holidays or evenings.
  • Timely retrieval of voicemails, emails and all other forms of communication throughout the day with immediate response to in-house emails and timely response to all others.
  • Communication, Organization and Follow-up are required on a regular basis, not only at the properties and with the tenant’s, but with the upper management, individuals in the office, owners, vendors and the like.
  • Projects to be assigned on an as needed basis.

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