Property Management

The Horizon Team of professionals work closely with owner clients to develop a detailed focused plan to achieve the financial and operational objectives of the assignment.

Our proven methods of collections, tenant negotiations and economies of scale are designed and effectively implemented to maximize the net income generated by the assigned property while maintaining and enhancing a stable base of quality tenants. This combined with the synergies created with our extensive portfolio of management assignments provides our clients with below market costs and services directly benefiting the bottom line.

The following summarizes our management duties and responsibilities…

  • We take all reasonable steps to collect, and enforce the collections of all rentals and other charges from tenants in accordance with the terms of their leases.
  • We seek competitive bids and achieve volume discounts from vendors for services rendered at the property.
  • At the owners request we disburse funds for all operating expenses or other expenses in connection with the property.
  • With our portfolio we provide the advantages of a blanket property insurance policy thus significantly reducing this direct expense while providing superior coverage.
  • With the owners’ authorization, we hire, supervise and terminate independent contractors for the repair and maintenance of the property.
  • We will receive tenant communications on behalf of the owner.
  • Horizon Properties will maintain accurate records of all received and disbursed funds and will provide monthly statements with complete reports of all funds collected and paid. The net proceeds will be disbursed as per the owners’ instruction each month.
  • We use the latest advanced Yardi Property Management Software to generate reports including Rent Rolls, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Aging Report, Commercial Summary, General Ledger, and Check Register. Sample reports are available upon request.
  • We will enforce all rules and regulations relating to the operation of the building.
  • Our Management Agreements are flexible and can be tailored to your legal requirements. The management fee is based on the gross income generated by the property and will be competitive within the market.

We strive to offer you a very personalized, responsive approach and attention to detail that will satisfy your needs and requirements with the daily management of your properties.